What makes us different?

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You don’t need a high income to need a financial plan...

It could be argued that those who are not well off need a financial plan the most. MoneyLink welcomes and values every client, whatever their income, as long as they are serious about improving their financial position.

MoneyLink clients include people of all ages, from school students who buy shares, to people well into retirement who worry their savings will run out before their years do… and all circumstances in between.

MoneyLink Financial Planning

We invest our time... to add value to your future.

Our clients appreciate that at MoneyLink we take the time to understand all their financial needs, and not just their investments.

They have peace of mind knowing we act in their best interests at all times.  And they understand that we take a long-term approach to investing, with strategies based on academic research.

They understand our strategy is to add value, and reduce risk.

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We provide advice tailor-made for YOU

MoneyLink Financial Planners are client-centric. We provide advice that is right for the client, not an institution and its shareholders.

We can focus solely on our clients’ best interests because we’re not restricted by bank providers.

MoneyLink assesses and provides the quality and suitability of products based on independent research, and provide advice to clients on achieving long-term financial security.

In other words, we help you get ahead and stay ahead. That’s the MoneyLink difference.

MoneyLink financial planner

Risk and Reward

Some people worry that financial planning is complex…

… but with the help of a MoneyLink financial planner you don’t need to be an expert.

Some people also worry that investing beyond the bank carries risk.

The reality is that people who learn and become experienced investors find that it is much less risky and far more rewarding than they thought.

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Personal relationship with your planner

In the early days of financial planning, if you were a dealer group like MoneyLink, the advisory firm ‘owned’ the client.

Not MoneyLink. MoneyLink was set up with the philosophy that the individual planner ‘owned’ the client, not the advisory firm.

Of course in reality only the client really owns the client.

The founder’s motivation was and still is to run an advisory firm which would allow the planners to run their own practices as financial planners, giving our clients greater investment choice.

MoneyLink are large enough to have the resources needed for your financial success, yet small enough to be personal and care for your needs. MoneyLink will always be motivated by helping our clients get ahead… and stay ahead.

moneylink wealth protection

The MoneyLink Promise

The benefits of having money do not come without the challenge of protecting it.

We protect wealth by relying on statistically proven principles and delivering a personalised service tailored to our clients’ portfolios and objectives.

We don’t follow investment fads.

Our high level of expertise within our advisory firm means we are able to tailor a product to suit your needs.

We are not product providers, and we never receive commission from recommending a specific product to you.

Our clients sleep better at night knowing they have financial plans in place designed not only for them, but also for their loved ones in the future.

Because after all, people do not simply trust us with their money; they trust us with their legacies. And we take that very seriously.

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