Tyron Mitchell

Tyron Mitchell Financial Planner

“The most satisfying part of my job is putting my clients in a better position, and also seeing how relieved many of them feel once they’ve sorted out financial concerns.”

“It is a rewarding feeling that you can make such an impact on people’s lives and establish a new close relationship from just doing your job,” says Tyron.

Coming from the banking industry with over 10 years’ experience in home lending, all banking products and financial planning, Tyron has a wide range of industry experience across many areas.

Prior to the banking and planning world, Tyron was in real estate for 13 years as an agent and acting principal in the Sydney and local markets.

“I have always loved being involved in real estate, how you can build your wealth using property and the joys of making it your family home.”

Tyron is currently studying his Master of Financial Planning, with working towards being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Tyron has already finished an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and courses on Margin Lending, Self-Managed Super Funds. He is a Registered Tax (Financial) Adviser and a Justice of the Peace.

Tyron is very much a family man with his wife Melanie, two teenagers at high school, two cats and three chickens. “I love being at home watching my kid’s sports on the weekends, watching movies together or getting out in the garden. I also enjoy following rugby league and enjoy the great food and wine that surrounds us.”

After going through major health issues within my family I ask all my clients the same starting question, “What is important about money to you?” Is it for your lifestyle, wealth, protection or income? Tyron knows that it doesn’t take much to lose everything you love and have worked hard for. In one incident, the whole lot can go.

Please come and see me so you can either;

  • Maintain your current lifestyle.
  • Build wealth for the future.
  • Be able to keep your home or assets in hard times.
  • Financially be able to help support someone to get better.
  • Retire comfortably.

I look forward to meeting you.

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