Managing Director Russell

Russell Tym Managing Director and Owner MoneyLink Orange

It’s not often you find someone say they’re genuinely happy.

But MoneyLink’s Russell Tym is one of those extraordinary humans.

But just what is he happy about?

“Family life, work life… I’m happy with my sporting and physical activities…. just happy with everything.” Naturally positive, and openly satisfied with life, Russell has provided financial advice to thousands of people since his career started in the industry in 1981, and he wouldn’t change a thing.

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Director and Owner MoneyLink Bowral

Larry Hanley Director and Owner MoneyLink Bowral

Superannuation Strategist and Specialist Larry Hanley says he hasn’t worked a day in his life.

Huh? What he means is, he’s never considered what he does work. It’s simple really. He enjoys interacting with people and making a difference to people’s lives. Not just financially, but personally, over long periods of time.

Larry also helps clients to develop effective Estate Planning and wealth protection strategies. “Many of my clients have been with me for 20 – 40 years… Clients who were single, then married, then new parents, then grandparents, then retirees…

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Mary Kehely Financial Planner

Mary Kehely Financial Planner and Licensed Real Estate Agent

“I just love what I do. I love the challenge of helping people and seeing them get ahead. I feel such satisfaction in helping our clients create wealth.

‘I know I’ve put them on the right track to create that wealth, and I’ve given them the tools to get ahead. I love that every family is different, and every story is different. It’s like reading a different book every day.”

Financial Planner and Real Estate Licensee (Secure Realty) Mary Kehley is a ball of energy… and that energy is directed right at the clients she helps every day.

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Financial Planner Tyron

Tyron Mitchell Financial Planner

“The most satisfying part of my job is putting my clients in a better position, and also seeing how relieved many of them feel once they’ve sorted out financial concerns.”

“It is a rewarding feeling that you can make such an impact on people’s lives and establish a new close relationship from just doing your job,” says Tyron.

Coming from the banking industry with over 10 years’ experience in home lending, all banking products and financial planning, Tyron has a wide range of industry experience across many areas.

Prior to the banking and planning world, Tyron was in real estate for 13 years as an agent and acting principal in the Sydney and local markets.

“I have always loved being involved in real estate…

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Financial Planner Jason

Jason Rapley Financial Planner

“I enjoy seeing my clients reach their financial goals. There’s a real satisfaction in helping people to understand their finances. Just seeing the expressions on client’s faces when they’ve reached the goal, is the greatest thanks I can get. I get happy just knowing I’ve helped along the way.”

Jason has spent most of his life in Bathurst – completing high school and university too. After graduating with a Bachelor of Business majoring in finance, Jason took a role with one of the local banks, as a planner. From these early days in his first job, his career has gone from strength to strength and his CV includes roles with the big four banks, as well as financial planning firms.

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Client Service Specialist Gwen

Gwen Cook Client Service Specialist

MoneyLink Administrator Gwen Cook is a real people person. Reliable and versatile, her strength is problem solving, particularly with clients enquiring about anything from franking credits to super fund rule changes.

Qualified in various financial planning modules, her area of expertise is customer and client services.

Gwen has always been interested in financial markets and accounting, and loves working at MoneyLink.

“Russell and the team are very caring… they have so much knowledge and are happy to share it… the team always has time for you.”

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