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Super Annuation

Big changes to superannuation rules, in particular changes to the spouse contribution scheme make it much more useful for many more people.

What happens to your Superannuation when you die

If you die, your superannuation is not covered by your will. You need to make special instructions to insure your intentions and beneficiaries are clear.

Tax Deductions

Major changes were made to the superannuation rules last July, and some are quite beneficial. With the end of the financial year not far away now the new rules are well worth understanding. They provide large tax saving opportunities for many people.

New Tax affecting Low Income Earners

The Federal Opposition’s plan to cancel cash refunds of dividend imputation tax credits if it wins the next election would affect low income earners, especially retirees.

Young Singles Getting Ahead Financially

When you’re young, single and working, having the right financial strategy can really help you get ahead. While for many young Australians the dream of owning property is alive and well, the reality is that it’s getting harder to achieve. But that doesn’t mean Gen Ys and Millennials should give up completely. Saving, whether it’s for property or not, should be a priority once you begin working.

Women's Financial Challenges

Women face different financial challenges from men and having the right financial strategy in place is crucial to long term security.

Business diversification

Remember the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”. It’s a good rule to follow when you’re investing. Diversification offers many benefits, including more resilience in times of market volatility and more stable overall returns.

Personal Insurance

It is often the case that the people who most need life and personal insurance are the ones who can least afford it. Life, disability and income insurances are designed to pay mortgages and other debts, meet loan payments and fund the cost of raising children to independence, if a disaster occurs, and they can be a significant cost.

Borrowing to Invest

Nearly everyone who buys their first home does so with a loan. Few pay cash. This allows people to buy a home sooner, and it also enables them to accumulate some assets. Because, over time the debt will reduce and the house will increase in value, growing the owners’ equity.

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