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Can you afford to Retire

Many people choose to retire in July for tax reasons. The bigger question that must be answered before the timing is “Can we afford to retire?”

Difference between Financial Planner and an Accountant

Accountants and financial planners are not the same. The question most people ask, is do I need both?
The key difference between the two is this: An accountant looks backwards, while a Financial Planner looks forwards.

Federal Budget

Savers and retirees can be pleased that last week’s Federal Budget didn’t contain any major changes to superannuation or investment rules. There are some small adjustments and benefits but the main focus is on income tax cuts.

Borrow to Invest

With the end of the financial year now only about seven weeks away now is the time to plan tax deductions so as to reduce tax and maybe earn a refund for this financial year.

Financial Advice

It is surprising and disappointing that large, respected financial institutions like the four major banks and AMP are guilty of such poor behaviour prioritising their own interests. There is no excuse for the poor quality advice, especially where clients have suffered serious losses. Those responsible should be punished with the full force of the law. But many advisors provide good quality advice.

Buying a Property with family or friends

When you make any big financial commitment, solo or with others, it pays to do the homework beforehand and seek the advice of a professional to help you work through pros and cons and exit strategies …. Just in case.

Credit Reporting

CCR is more comprehensive credit reporting – a better overall assessment of how well you meet your financial commitments.

Retirement savings

The incentive to work hard, save efficiently and become a self-funded retiree is being seriously eroded by both sides of politics. The Liberals lead by Treasurer and former Social Services Minister Scott Morrison decreed retirees must earn 7.8 per cent income on their investments.


Setting yourself up for a secure future and enjoying a comfortable life now is as straightforward as understanding how you spend your money. Take the MoneyLink Financial Planning ‘Blow Your Socks Off’ budgeting challenge.

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