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A good time to Invest with borrowing

The Reserve Bank’s positive outlook for the Australian economy expressed in its August review should trigger us to think of the opportunities ahead and how we can benefit. The RBA expects economic growth for several years with interest rates unchanged until at least the end of 2019.

Setting financial goals

Anyone, no matter what their income, no matter what their stage of life, no matter how big the debt, can do just one simple thing to begin to create wealth.

People saving money

Research that received a fair amount of media attention recently paints a pretty bleak picture for many Australians. The research, by ME Bank suggests that Australian households are in more financial duress than ever before.

Optimistic Investors

The Reserve Bank statement held good news for Aussies! With Governor Philip Lowe’s report implying that there may be no need to raise rates until the end of 2019 or even 2020.

Baby Boomers incentive to downsize – should you sell the family home?

Last year the Federal Government announced a range of initiatives to tackle the issue of housing affordability. One of the big incentives laid out for Baby Boomers to sell the family home was the ability to make a significant one-off deposit into superannuation from the proceeds of sale.


Recently this column talked about salary sacrifice, a very valuable strategy that enables people to reduce the tax they pay and save more for retirement. For people over age fifty-seven currently this can be extended into an even more valuable strategy, known as ‘transition to retirement’ or TTR.

Interest Rates on saving Account

When Will Bank Depositors Get a Pay Rise? Interest rates are starting to rise around the world so retirees with money in the bank will be wondering when they can expect a rate rise on their savings accounts and term deposits to give them more income to live on. Short term interest rates are set…

Adult kids living at home

We all want the best for our kids. But with many adult children living at home longer, the cost for parents often impacts retirement savings. If you’re in this situation, there are some strategies you can put into place.

Salary Sacrifice

How much of our income should we spend now to enjoy today, and how much should we put aside so we can enjoy tomorrow? That is the perennial question we must all answer.

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