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retirement age financial planning

Approaching retirement age is an exciting time. After years of work and family commitments, the opportunity to spend more time doing the things you enjoy is simply thrilling. However, while this can be deeply satisfying, it can also result in new and unique fears. Retiring in our current economic state can be deeply challenging for…

how financially fit are you

When was the last time your finances had a health check? Many people aren’t sure how healthy their finances are. We visit health care professionals when we are unwell, but the reality is, most people aren’t motivated to keep a regular watch on their money like they are with their physical well-being, which can have…

family finances

Are your family finances a battleground? You may as well send out invitations that read ‘welcome to the show’. The battlefield where good and bad financial habits collide, goals differ and different spending and savings habits meet, leads us down a messy, and frustrating path. And according to a new study, the new top reason…

financial priorities

So you’ve got the job, the partner, maybe even the kids… it’s probably time to do the adult thing, live the dream and buy your own home. But will you have to give up that gym membership? The takeaway on a Friday night? The latte you desperately need every morning? With the cost of buying…

daily financial plan

How making small adjustments to your spending habits can make a real difference… Flat white, skinny cap, chai latte… what’s your coffee really costing you? $5 x 365 days = $1,825 per year Whoa. That’s a lot of cash. What could you do with this? It would buy a good espresso machine and then you…

consolidate and sacrifice

“Each person should now work out a plan to grow their super towards the $1.6 million limit by retirement using time and the power of compound interest.” How many super funds do you really have? Do you have more than one superannuation fund? Of course you do. Most of us aren’t sure where our super…

Financial Goals

At MoneyLink Financial Planning, we help young people grow their wealth and protect their future… and we do this by adding value and reducing risk. Here are 5 financial goals that all young people, young families and millennials can work towards to help guide financial and life decisions. 1) Gaining Financial Confidence and Financial Literacy…

budget financial planning

The only way to take control of your finances is to do a budget – yes – the dreaded ‘B’ word. Having a budget and knowing where your money is going, and making informed choices about where you spend your money, is the absolute key to wealth creation. If you want to get ahead, it’s…

Meeting with your financial planner for the first time

To maximise your first meeting with your financial planner, here are some of our suggestions so you can be completely prepared. While these steps will help to make the most of your initial meeting, they are by no means mandatory!

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