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Pre-Retirement Pension Tax

It is now more than six months since the Government introduced its new fifteen per cent tax on the income in pre-retirement pension accounts. This has made them much less attractive for some people but they still offer valuable benefits for others.

Money Matters Monday 22nd January 2018

Diversified growth portfolios with up to 70 per cent of their money in growth assets made 12.1 per cent average. Australian shares did well, overseas shares had an excellent year and property was sound.

The period since 2010 has been generally positive as markets have recovered from the global financial crisis and investors have regained their confidence. Is a slump due in 2018?


We’re all conditioned to look away from the ‘darker’ aspects of life: serious illness, major accidents, death. We don’t feel comfortable talking about any of them. But we must. Because there is value in being prepared for when life takes an unexpected turn.

Money Matters Monday 15th January 2018

Last year was a good one for most investors. As noted at the beginning of 2017, the economic fundamentals looked sound suggesting good returns were likely, and it turned out that way. Both 2016 and 2017 produced strong returns. As usual there was variation along the way with weaker periods such as the third quarter…

Financial Health Check

Annual personal financial planning gives you a real opportunity to set realistic financial goals. Quite simply, if you set goals, you can establish a secure financial footing – and avoid spending more than you should.

overspent at Christmas

The festive spirit, spur of the moment entertainment, impulse buying in the post-Christmas sales … these all have the potential to wreak havoc on our spending habits, but don’t worry, there’s a cure for your debt hangover.

Financial Market 2018

Investors have enjoyed a very successful year in 2017 with diversified growth portfolios up 13.7 per cent. The period since 2010 has been positive as financial markets have recovered from the global financial crisis of 2008-09. Does this mean a slump is due in 2018?

Managing festive season finances

The figures are in: Aussies will spend $8.8 Billion on gifts this year, and more than half of what they spend will go on credit. Avoid a debt hangover with two important strategies  Here in New South Wales, we’re the biggest spenders of all, with figures showing we’ll splash out $2.9 billion. And then in…

Money Matters Monday 4th December 2017

Give a Gift of Real Value Christmas is almost here and buying presents for the children and grandchildren is a priority. Some youngsters already have all the expensive toys they could want. Their collections include multiple examples of similar shiny items, many of which will end up in landfill in a few years’ time. Consider…

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