Mary Kehely

Mary Kehely Financial Planner

Financial Planner and Licensed Real Estate Agent Mary Kehely

“I just love what I do. I love the challenge of helping people and seeing them get ahead. I feel such satisfaction in helping our clients create wealth.

‘I know I’ve put them on the right track to create that wealth, and I’ve given them the tools to get ahead. I love that every family is different, and every story is different. It’s like reading a different book every day.”

Independent of being a Financial Planner with MoneyLink, Mary is also the owner of Secure Realty, which holds a full real estate license.

Mary Kehely is a ball of energy… and that energy is directed right at the clients she helps every day.

“Work is always a challenge and I thoroughly enjoy it. No two days are the same. The fact that I can go home at night and know I’ve helped someone solve an issue and work towards their future, helps me to sleep at night.”

Diverse, and divergent, Mary’s deep understanding of financial markets and financial planning, and direct property expertise puts her in an incredibly strong position to help her clients achieve their financial dreams.

Mary always knew she what she wanted to do with her life. She got her start at AMP in insurance and superannuation, and went on to study Financial Planning. She sat next to Russell at a Professional Development Day 17 years ago, and he offered her a job running MoneyLink Brisbane North.

“I was happy to join a group like MoneyLink… rather than a big company where I’d be a number.”

Honest, hardworking and passionate, Mary has old fashioned values in a fast paced world… And she couldn’t put it any better:

“Be loyal to yourself and honest to yourself. Be proud of what you do, and proud of your achievements.”

And when she’s not busy helping her clients create wealth through financial planning and property, Mary adores shopping days with her granddaughter, and looks forward to visiting America and Europe again.

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