Julie Anne Nipperess

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Julie Anne Nipperess

As the second eldest of 6 girls growing up on a drought-ridden farm in the 80s, Julie Nipperess has seen hardship.

“I’ve done poor, I know what poor feels like. And you don’t have to be there. Poor’s not the absolute disaster but why would you choose it if you had an alternative?”

Educated well, thanks to Bob Hawke’s ‘Isolated Children’s Allowance’ which allowed the private boarding school of your choice if you lived in an isolated rural area, Julie and her sisters had access to education which saw them all flourish individually.

Between politics, medicine, publishing, teaching, law and finance, these sisters’ education allowed them opportunity and success.

Julie’s world changed when after university, she got into finance, and hasn’t looked back.  “I got my first car loan in 1994, and knew Mum and Dad couldn’t meet my repayments if something happened to me.  I saw a sign saying ‘Do you need income protection?’ and it opened up my world.

I started in the financial business teaching people how to build investment portfolios in Brisbane.  I then spent 11 years working with one of the big banks as a  Mortgage Broker, Bank Manager and Financial Planner, but have now well and truly found my niche at MoneyLink.”

While Julie has clients in all age-groups, her passion is with people just starting out on the road to financial freedom.  “Kids aren’t taught these basic life principles in school, and they don’t know what they don’t know.”

With over 20 years experience, and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Julie knows that with enough education, knowledge and financial literacy her clients can get ahead and stay ahead. “I focus on the younger age-groups – perhaps they’ve just started working, have a young family,  or want to buy a house. They’re the financial ‘babies’. They need financial literacy, planning and help with wealth creation. They sometimes need a little help with focus and motivation. And that’s where I come in.”

Julie’s motto is ‘Why wait until you’re 55 to see a financial planner when you can start at 25?’

“…People really need help – some earn good money, yet spend it all and can’t get ahead. I have such a passion for making a difference. And helping these people leaves me in a better position, and I’m better for the experience.”

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