Gwen Cook

Client Service Specialist Gwen

Client Service Specialist Gwen Cook

MoneyLink Administrator Gwen Cook is a real people person. Reliable and versatile, her strength is problem solving, particularly with clients enquiring about anything from franking credits to super fund rule changes.

Qualified in various financial planning modules, her area of expertise is customer and client services.

Gwen has always been interested in financial markets and accounting, and loves working at MoneyLink.

“Russell and the team are very caring… they have so much knowledge and are happy to share it…

…the team always has time for you.”

Gwen’s previous experience includes time with St George Building Society and AGC, but she’s been with MoneyLink since moving to Orange 11 years ago.

Gwen values communication greatly, and if she could change anything about the world at the moment, it would be that we don’t communicate enough, and there is less face to face contact than ever before.

… But she has mastered the work life balance beautifully, with a keen interest in lead lighting and playing bridge with friends, and her three dogs.

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