David Lenarduzzi

Certified Financial Planner

Financial Planner David Lenarduzzi

“My aim is to build strong relationships with people… not just clients, although that’s a big part. For me, this business is about having strong trusted relationships with people.”

Certified Financial Planner and JP David Lenarduzzi loves his job.

You’d hope that’s what has kept him at MoneyLink for 13 years… and although he jokes he gets out of bed because his wife tells him to, his passion and enthusiasm is intoxicating.

“I genuinely love what I do, I really enjoy it. Good quality advice can make a real difference.”

Based in Sydney, David provides clients with a range of financial planning services including wealth creation, wealth accumulation, retirement planning, superannuation advice.

“I’ve had an interest in finances since high school… I had friends who got into financial advising and I saw firsthand what they were doing and achieving for people. I could see it made a real difference…”

Many of David’s clients make him smile… and he says one of the most satisfying areas of his job is developing financial strategies to provide long term solutions for people… giving them peace of mind.

Married with two children, David and his wife teach their children the values they hold dear. Trust, honesty, integrity and respect. David says the world is such a noisy place these days, we’re all bombarded with so much information delivered at such a high pace.

So he finds some peace in going for a surf on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

And when he’s not helping create your financial success or surfing, you’ll find David at one of his children’s many sporting events, or relaxing out on a boat!

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