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Because we are a privately owned advisory firm we can provide the level of service and quality of advice our clients require. We are impartial, and not directed to recommend any products by any institutions. All advice and recommendations provided are for the sole benefit of our clients.

At MoneyLink, we use a 5 step process for uncovering your most important goals and then implementing the best strategies for you.


financial clarity

We often find many new clients come to us feeling confused about their financial goals. Do they have enough for a new home, a new car, private school or retirement? Do they even need a financial planner? They don’t know if what they are currently doing will allow them to reach their financial goals.

Our partnership with you begins with financial clarity. When we have a clear vision of your financial position and personal wealth outcomes, we can plan for your financial success.

Our initial discovery meeting follows a proven process we’ve developed over many years. This helps us identify the challenges you face in achieving all that is important to you.

We take a holistic approach to your financial situation and find out about you, your family and your personal financial circumstances. We undertake a thorough analysis of your investment attitude by creating a risk profile for you.

Once we understand where you are now, where you want to go, and your risk profile, the next step is to give MoneyLink authority to prepare a plan for success.


financial planning for success

Now we get to work creating a solution. We assess your current situation including cash flow, goals, time-frame, assets and insurance status, taking into account your risk profile, investment attitude and goals.

We then develop a thorough plan for success.

Your plan could include recommendations on:

  • Budgeting
  • Savings and Investment Plans
  • Share Portfolios
  • Cash Management
  • Wealth Protection Cover (including Income Protection Insurance, Trauma, Critical Illness and Life Insurance)
  • Superannuation and Retirement (including SMSF)

Your plan will be a diverse solid investment strategy aimed at setting you up for financial literacy, clarity, security… and a strong financial future.


financial plan for success

At our next meeting, we present a diagnostic analysis of your current situation and make recommendations showing how we can use our plan to bridge the gaps so you can reach your goals.

This plan forms the blueprint; the foundation for all of our work together.

Often we find our clients gain greater clarity at this meeting, as we strive to remove confusion and complexity.

Put simply… clients see a clear way ahead, and see how MoneyLink can add value moving forward.

Together we make a commitment to work towards achieving the very best outcome for you and your family’s financial future.


success financial plan

Many of our clients are time poor, and trying to fit family and work into a crowded schedule. We understand this, and know how easy it is to become overwhelmed.

Throughout the implementation process, we do the heavy lifting for you.

Our experienced team meticulously implement what will undoubtedly become your biggest asset.

Our deep understanding of your financial situation and diverse strategy we’ve created will see you get ahead… and stay ahead.

We add value and reduce risk throughout your financial life as our team implement your financial plan step-by-step.

You gain control and enjoy the confidence that stems from knowing you and your family are financially set on a course for success.


MoneyLink Ongoing Partnership

At MoneyLink, we’re here with you for the long term.

Our regular review meetings provide us an opportunity to chat about any major changes in your personal or financial situation. If these changes mean that we need to make adjustments to your financial plan, we do so.

Our clients love that these meetings take the form of coaching or mentoring sessions. As well as reviewing and reporting on your investment strategy, we also look forward to the coming years, ensuring your long-term financial goals are firmly in sight.

Depending on how your investment portfolio is progressing overall, we may need to refine areas of the strategy to make sure you meet the goals you have set.

Our partnership will deliver ongoing certainty that you are doing all the right things to achieve your personal wealth goals.

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