At MoneyLink we are on a mission to help Australians get ahead and stay ahead. We take the guesswork out of retiring with enough.


News flash… Financial Planning is not just for Over 55s. Are you 25 – 45, have debt (mortgage, personal loans), dependent children, or multiple super accounts? Want to plan for a wedding, a first home, a bigger home, a better holiday? Find out how a money coach can help you get ahead and stay ahead. It will be the most valuable decision you will ever make.

How MoneyLink opened up a brand new world for this hardworking couple

The past 3 years has represented safety, security and an increased confidence in the future.

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The only way to take control of your finances is to do a budget – yes – the dreaded ‘B’ word.

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5 Financial Goals you can work towards today

Here are 5 financial goals that all young people, young families and millennials can work towards to help guide financial and life decisions.

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How much is your coffee really costing you?

How making small adjustments to your spending habits can make a real difference…

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Do you know how much you’ll need to fund the retirement you want? It seems like a long way off… only, it’s not. These are your peak earning years, and you need to maximise your opportunity, protect yourself and your family, and prepare for your financial future. MoneyLink can help you by adding value, reducing risk and offering a personalised approach to wealth management, helping you reach your financial and family goals.

How MoneyLink helped Greg Blake survive and thrive after divorce and a real estate ‘lemon’.

“I knew I didn’t want to make the same mistake again… and I knew I wanted to get ahead, I just didn’t know how to.”

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How to buy a home and still have a life

Is it possible to budget for a home without ‘going without’ completely?

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How to renovate and repair your family finances

Find out how you can support your family towards better financial wellbeing without risking your relationships.

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How financially fit are you?

Many people aren’t sure how healthy their finances are… When was the last time your finances had a health check?

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If you’re approaching retirement, or are already there, what does life after work look like for you? Do you really know if you’ve done enough to prepare for a comfortable retirement? Will you have enough to live on? MoneyLink Financial Planning are retirement income strategists, and can help clear up those uncertainties by adding value, reducing risk and offering a personalised approach to your wealth management.

It’s time for Freedom, Flexibility and Certainty

New clients often come to us dissatisfied with low returns on their retirement investment portfolios and superannuation.

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I’m almost a retiree... how can I sustain my lifestyle?

Approaching retirement age is an exciting time. However, while this can be deeply satisfying, it can also result in new and unique fears.

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Advice for the Sandwich Generation

Here are just a few issues faced by the sandwich generation, and steps to take to safeguard your financial future.

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Transition to Retirement... how can it work for you?

When you’re not quite ready to retire… The good news is you can keep working while drawing down some of your super benefits.

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MoneyLink’s Russell Tym is a ‘financial identity’ in the Central West of New South Wales. A regular columnist for the Central Western Daily, and the Western Magazine for many years, Russell also presents two radio shows on personal finance, investment, and financial planning. Come in and meet Russell, and see why he has become a Central West Identity!

 “You don’t have to be wealthy to need a financial planner.” Russell Tym

Consolidate and Sacrifice – Be Super Smart

“Each person should now work out a plan to grow their super towards the $1.6 million limit by retirement using time and the power of compound interest.”

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The new CentreLink Assets Test has halved our income! What can we do?

Our total income has halved. Our income now is much less than pensioners who have saved nothing get.

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Understanding and investing in the sharemarket

You know someone who knows someone who knows someone who bought shares in a little pharmaceutical start up and now they’re qua-zillionaires…

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Should I borrow to buy an investment property? Pros and Cons…

So the big question is… will the returns be high enough?
There’s no simple answer, but we’ll give it a go.

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I trust Mary implicitly.  I’ve never been worried about the information she’s given me or direction she’s recommended I take. She puts me at ease, and helps me understand what we are doing, the risks involved..and she quanitifies those risks.


Greg Blake


Russell could see that I needed help. He was very, very good. He looked, and listened, rolled over our super and put a financial plan in place.

Sandra, Orange


We trust Russell with the management of our superannuation investments – he’s  knowledgeable, communicative and reliable. He listens well and explains issues carefully and completely’

Ron and Jan, Orange

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